Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller


Jessica Miller is an esteemed author and expert in the field of Healthcare IT, specializing in Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Data Analytics. With a degree in Health Information Management and a career spanning over a decade, Jessica has become a respected voice in the intersection of healthcare and technology. Her experience includes working with large healthcare systems to implement and optimize EHR software, contributing to significant improvements in patient care and operational efficiency. Jessica's expertise extends to the broader implications of technology in healthcare, including data privacy, regulatory compliance, and the potential of emerging technologies like AI in EHR systems. Her insights are grounded in real-world applications, making her a sought-after consultant for healthcare organizations transitioning to digital systems. As a writer, Jessica excels in demystifying complex technological concepts for a wide range of audiences. Her articles and blogs are renowned for their clarity, depth, and practical value, aiding healthcare professionals in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare technology. She is a regular contributor to several prestigious healthcare journals and online platforms, where she discusses trends, challenges, and future directions in healthcare IT. Deeply committed to ongoing learning and professional development, Jessica frequently participates in healthcare technology conferences and workshops as a speaker and panelist. Her interactive sessions are known for their engaging, informative style, and ability to foster meaningful discussions among healthcare professionals.

Job Title:

Health care analytics Expert

Areas of Expertise:

Health care analytics

Electronic health record

Health data

Digital health

Real world data