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Flow Sheets

One of the greatest assets of ComChart is the ability of the program to automatically notify the health care provider when a patient is past-due for a "routine" health screening study. ComChart includes three "pre-written" screening panels (male, female and diabetic) which can be easily modified. Using the easy to use "standard flow sheet" template, one can change the minimum age, maximum age or annual interval which dictates whether or not a particular "screening" study is relevant and past due for a given patient.

ComChart is designed so that you can easily change the "recommended interval" for a any screening study for a given patient. For example, the "standard" screening interval of diabetic eye exams is 1 year. However, diabetic patients who have significant diabetic retinopathy may be told that they need to be seen by their ophthalmologist every 4 months. This change is implemented below by entering 0.33 (4/12) in the "custom recommended interval" field on the diabetic eye exam line. Thus, the user will be notified that the patient is past due for his/her diabetic eye exam of more than 4 months has elapsed since their last eye exam.

Flow sheet

ComChart EMR Flow Sheet


When the user clicks on the "Is the patient up to date?" button (top left,) a list of those studies which are past due (if the patient is in the correct age range) are isolated and brought to the users attention. Thus, before I even have seen the patient in the exam room, my nurse has already done the routine vaccinations, routine EKGs, scheduled the routine mammograms etc, which ComChart has found to be past due.

ComChart also enables the user to obtain a list of all patients who are past due for any or all of the items on their flowsheet by using the button "show all patients' past due," which is located in the upper right of the flow sheet layout.

As a result of this feature, my "compliance" with routine health care standards exceeds national averages. I have used this feature of ComChart to help advertise (see below) the quality of care my patients' receive as well as negotiate contracts with the health insurance companies.